EARN 5% Interest Monthly For 6Months Program

                                    1OK PROJECT INVESTMENT SCHEME FOR THE WISE


Be Enriched this Year and Beyond!

EARN 5% Interest Monthly For 6Months Program

Join the 1OK PROJECT Investment Scheme Today!


Be part of the wise-investors for 1OK project Scheme of Dotson Stockwell Nig. Limited; Bolutife [Idi-Oro] Cooperative & Investment Society Ltd and LivingWellWithWealth  [ http://livingwellwithwealth.com]

This is a credible and sincere passive income earning scheme for those with spared money to be used for a minimum of 6months only.

Investors and interested individuals or organization are to make available a minimum sum of One hundred thousand Naira [100, 000, 00] that cannot be redeemed until Six months period.

However, you will enjoy monthly payment of 5% INTEREST every blessed month during the period. The amount will be credited to your bank account automatically.

Meanwhile, at the expiration of the six months, you will collect your initial capital with interest due.

1OK Project Investment Scheme:

Your Tomorrow Looks Good with 1OK Project


    1                     #1OO, OOO.OO                       #5, OOO                                #13O.OOO.OO

  1. #2OO, OOO.OO                      # 1O, OOO                           #26O, OOO.OO
  2. #3OO, OOO.OO                      #15, OOO                             #39O, OOO.OO
  3. #5OO, OOO.OO                     #25, OOO                               #65O, OOO.OO
  4. # 1, OOO.OOO                        #5O, OOO                              #1,3OO.OOO

*Interested individuals or organizations are invited to participate in this project for a better living experience!

If You doubt Us, Stay Away from Us!

Only trusted few are welcome from any part of the world to participate and start sharing monthly from our business wizard and rare profits from hidden treasures.

We have good name. Your investment is safe with us as we operate with the fear of God and caution.

For further information or Inquiry:

Dotson Stockwell Nig.Ltd

Oluwaseun Complex,No.65 Ifetedo Idi-Oro area, Agbetan Bus Stop, Lagos-Ibadan Express Road, Oremeji Agugu Ibadan, Nigeria. 08130300857 08114122591



Coordinator: Elder [Dr.] Oyedotun Oyejide  FBSC.

Your Life Can Be Made Better!



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